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Submersible Medium Texture

Tuff Coat UT-200 series is a single component, flexible, water-based non-skid coating created through a unique process of cross-linking urethanes, acrylics, co-polymers and recycled rubber granules to create a long-lasting non-slip finish. 

This product is designed to provide an attractive, highly durable, impact-resistant, non-slip surface for splash pads, wave pools, spray parks, restroom floors, deck surfaces and other areas requiring slip resistance that can be used in or out of water.

Tuff Coat’s flexible matte finish dries to 30-35 mils of thickness creating a finish that hides significant imperfections on all surfaces as well as improves existing non-skid finishes to provide additional safety. This product is low odor and should be applied with a Tuff Coat roller or low-pressure hopper spray gun.

More Info
  • 1 gallon Tuff Coat available in 15 colors
  • 5 gallon Tuff Coat available in 11 colors
  • Excellent for concrete, fiberglass, wood, metal substrates, and previously painted surfaces
  • Water-based, durable, flexible
  • Apply by roller or spray
  • Chemical and UV resistant
  • Custom color available with 50 gallon minimum

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